The Americans established Fort Defiance

The Americans established Fort Defiance in 1851. Fort Defiance is a Navajo Reservation. They had a war here against the Spaniards and the Americans, until Zarcillos Largos and Barbincito had signed a Peace Treaty with the Americans.

I have been living here in Fort Defiance for almost 16 years now. I was born and raised here. The climate here is very dry, but I like living here, because it’s quiet and not too loud like the city. You can see the stars and the moon in the sky. I don’t think anyone could see that in the city.

My hobbies here at home and school are playing volleyball and basketball. I like to ride horses too. The weather here in the winter is pretty much cold. Sometimes it could get up to below zero degrees. In the summer, it gets really hot here. The temperature could get up to 95 degrees, but it’s hot for people who live here. Moreover, we hardly get any rain and the clouds are nowhere to be found in the sky.

I like living here because mostly all my relatives live nearby and you really don’t have to travel that far to go visit them. In addition, the population is not that much, only when the Navajo Nation Fair comes, because mostly everyone from the reservation comes to the carnival and the parade and usually we have an artist that comes and sing. This event usually occurs in early September.

If I had to describe Arizona in one word, it would be “open,” because everywhere I go there is a lot of space and people are willing to help one another. There are many trees and animals that live in the wide open range here in Arizona.

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