Arizona has many possibilities

Arizona has many possibilities to elevate the mind. Public education is essential for future progression. What sets Arizona apart from the rest of the states in the education realm is the inspirational components that supplement learning. The ecology of Arizona provides natural adaptation techniques to ascertain from. The wondrous panorama of the state enlightens spirits. Natural settings promote adventure to achieve well-being. The benefits of desert living inspire seekers of knowledge.

The natural ecosystem of Arizona offers an incredible architecture that has taught the early indigenous cultures to adapt in extreme natures. Frank Lloyd Wright, the most revolutionary architect in the twentieth century, settled in Arizona to experience the knowledge and freedom offered by an open desert. He pays considerable attention to the structural qualities of the vegetation, such as the Saguaro’s reinforced building constructions and the plastic construction of a prickly pear skin. The palm trees stand high and proud, like the skyscrapers of New York City, and provide shelter to the local birds and protection from hungry predators. Vegetation thrives with minimal water and uses its own architecture to shade itself and receive the optimal amount of sunlight, like the columns used in Greek architecture. Natural vegetation reveals a hint to sources of water.

The scenic views in Arizona are breath taking. Riding a mountain bike through the hillside of Sedona, Arizona, one feels the Red Rock Mountains radiating an almost visible energy as the sun recedes beyond the horizon. Sedona is the perfect place for lovers to fall in love. Breathing in Sedona’s fresh, mountainous air will bring balance to one’s body and mind instilling a sense of eternal ecstasy. In Flagstaff, Arizona, just a few miles from Sedona, the setting transforms into a mountainous forest, capable of harnessing the most enjoyable snow that a skier would want to live for. The crisp, cool air of Flagstaff refreshes the senses as extreme athletes snowboard down the snow-filled slopes. However, the most magnificent place on earth is the marvelous Grand Canyon. This incredibly immense landscape illustrates how small humans are in the great scheme of life.

Arizona provides the greatest desire to explore and exercise. The early morning sunrise illuminates the air and awakens the human spirit. A quick jog up Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona can release the lingering toxins in the body. As one reaches the summit, a great sense of accomplishment is fulfilled, as the entire valley is visible in all directions. There are many hiking trails to explore and discover exuberance. Wildlife can be found in unexpected places, like living on a wildlife preserve. When a rattlesnake comes across, time stops, and adrenaline rises faster than on a rollercoaster.

The best move of my life is becoming an Arizona resident, and attending Arizona State University. The natural world gives infinite opportunities to learn from architecturally, offers visual qualities to appreciate, and presents avenues to release stress and gain energy through exercise. These qualities of the Arizona desert inspire people to live their lives to the fullest, and benefit from public education. 

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